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Top 6 Beauty Genius Portable Tools for Traveling Chic!

So you plan to start the New Year with adventure, and the way forward is a vacation somewhere fun, be it a place of activity like Disney Land, somewhere exotic and cultural or lands known for there unique mountains, cave structures and so forth. The purpose is having the right dose of happening!

Whatever it may be, packing portable tools is high priority because it's simply easy and weightless to carry about. So here are the top six beauty gadget essentials to make any journey a straight-forward, beautiful and relaxing experience.
Facial Massages: come in various forms nowadays, and also includes the manual roll on types. However, the battery operated type below adds vibration. One can vision it be like a 3D effect that will eliminate muscle tension, make skin supple and provide natural skin glow and radiance. 5-10mins of message is perfect 2-3 times a week.

Hair Removal: There are products available from razor, wax, creams and tweezers to help on the go. But portable epilators such…

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