A Mission To Clean In Spring

When it comes to cleansers I tend to prefer ones for sensitive skin, without harsh chemicals and alcohol free. My cleansing regime is pretty simple when removing make-up, I just use "baby oil" and it comes off really easy.

My friend contacted me, asking would I be interested in helping her out with a L'Oreal review, I was like OK!

The product i'm blabbing about is the "New Skin Perfection 15 Sec Miracle Cleansing Oil". I'll get to see a different brand in action, to compare using baby oil to L'Oreal's oil make-up remover.

The ingredients in this product: Paraffinum liquidum/ mineral oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, ethylhexyl stearate, isohexadecane, peg-20, glyceryl triisostearate, aqua/water, tocopher, phenoxyethano, parfum/fragrance .

Straight-away I could visibly tell that there is a lot more ingredients  than what is in the baby oil. 

The bottle packaging of the item is attractive. It looks like a mid-high end product. The bottle is an orange colour with a white pump and transparent cover. Fairly light weight for 150ml. I like that the content is visible, this will help one keep track of how much content has been used. The downside with the bottle is that you don't know the actual colouring of the liquid until it is pumped out. 

When using the pump I notice that the product splashed out and instead of it getting on the cotton wool it went on my hands. A bit messy and I thought too much product was extracted.

I think it has a nice scent which is an in-between floral and fruity. Not sure if many would appreciate that and I do prefer fragrance free products as it's healthier.

It does feel and look like oil but when applied to the face the feeling of oil isn't noticed. It makes the skin feel fresh, soft and clean. It does a fairly good job for an oil cleanser but whether it is worth the extra £'s i'm not sure. I feel it does a similar job to just using baby oil. Although i feel a bit rushed giving my verdict on the working power of this product because the review needs to be in very soon, I would like to give it another go and perhaps purchase it but not at the full price whatever that price my be.

I shouldn't forget to mention, overall I do like this product I think it is fine for my skin type: being sensitive to normal. However I did notice a slight sensation to it after the use. It's not an uncomfortable feeling just unusual because I've had the experience of trying normal baby oil. Not sure if that is to do with it needing to feel clean.

Checkout the product info and what others think here: http://www.loreal-paris.co.uk/skincare/cleansing/skin-perfection/miracle-cleansing-oil.aspx

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