Fallen in Love

My love for fashion began pre-high school. After school or on the weekends, I enjoyed sketching designs of clothing I wanted to wear and then attempted to try and put it together using mum's sewing machine. She would just smirk and say..."are you sure that's how it goes?" I seriously disliked retail fashion back then, so I shopped for inspiration at non-mainstream retail stores in London because of the unique items I found (he, he, he)

When I get a chance I will upload pics of these locations. However the stores are likely to be closed down now that we have the likes of Primark, H&M, River Island, Topshop and many more giant high st fashion stores having more awareness in the 90's. In my opinion I have found and have seen so much creativity in those small shops because these stores expressed the importance of showing a vast range of ethnic and street styles in a modernised way. I now miss, would we ever get these things back?

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