When Things Are Crystal Clear...

Long at last, I picked up my Cazal glasses with prescription today.  For those who know me, glasses has always been essential and part of my fashion style. However, I'm not a firm believer of wearing them every day.  I feel allowing the eyes exercise is important for strength.

I fell in love straightaway with Vintage 6004 but wasn't entirely sure until I tried others such as the Tom Ford Nakita. I took a lot of pics for friends and family to help me choose and to my surprise their verdict was exactly the same - the Cazal being the perfect suit for me.

The Vintage 6004 totally changes my look because of its thick dark frames in a way I didn't expect. I think the style is versatile and it really does encourage me to think out of the box, and at times feel in character to experiment with my style.

If you're thinking of getting these, I don't think you can go wrong. It's a very stylish, stand out from the crowd solid look!

As soon as I got these I was humming this tune JIMMY CLIFF - I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW  :D


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