Adorn In This How-To Do Pattern Print Skater Sun-dress

With the recent weather planning to peak, i'm exploring more of my wears, mixing styles and teaming them with other things that us females love to wear such as shoes, bags, jackets/coats and other types of accessories. 

As a visionary i'm becoming more aware about the importance people place on standing out as an individual. This is the coming of our future fashion, playing an important role in our ideals. Constantly purchasing garments/accessories from retail stores doesn't help in uniqueness and standing out because the items are mass produced. Uniformity isn't attractive, it's bland. The chances is that someone else 5yrds down the street has what you're wearing. So, that is why it is fun and precious to create your own pieces instead. 

Remember, i said the focus of my wears is about me. Wearing something that i've created is a signature statement of my artistry/creativity in some form. I can also create a piece that nobody else will have but me. Of course, i'll share how i created the pieces with those that absolutely love what i do and genuinely want to replicate for their personal use.

So in my how to do's i'll upload sketches of the pattern (not drawn to scale) for guidance and at least pics of the final creation if not a video. The sketches are likely to be helpful to those who already have an idea on how to draw, cut and seam pattern pieces together. My pieces are fresh from mind. It's all about fabric and shapes for me as a designer and i do create these pieces under limited time as i'm ever so busy :D so the focus isn't on the detail. i'll do my best to label the sketches!

I began with this idea to create a simple sundress. Here is what i had in mind of a full circle sundress (sketch illustration):

Those of you who love dressmaking, i've also put together a blueprint below.

I created this sun-dress for spring/summer 13 (Essé Designs @ Alero Collections). Although the weather temperature has recently been freezing i can now see some sunshine projecting through the sky. So to complement the sun,  i opted for red with pink pattern African print, which i adore. Patterns are like diamonds being a girls best friend to me when the focus is on fabrics. Patterns and shapes can really create a vintage or classic look if you're not scared of shapes and framing style to the body in the art of design. 

This everyday casual design consists of 6 pattern pieces. You will need about 2-4 yards of fabric depending on your size measurements (based on UK size 6-18). For this design, the fabric used was a pattern-print cotton, giving a perfect silhouette.

Best styled with court heels or ankle boots/booties and can be teamed with light jackets or
cardigans. Try matching accessory colours to subordinate colours on chosen fabric.

I was inspired to create an everyday style with this simple pattern fabric. I absolutely love red but sometimes find red can be a hard colour to pull off. So since I had to use this design I figured a simple, easy breezy design should be a good suitor. The skater has been around for a very long time and it flatters many figure shapes and can be worn in varying ways

1. After creating your own pattern pieces from the blue print, lay patterns on preferred fabric
2. Use tailor pins to hold in place
3. Cut patterns out of fabric using fabric scissors. Remember to cut patterns: (a), (b) and (e) on the fold line and cut 2x of pattern (e)
4. Open fabric pattern pieces out onto a smooth solid surface
5. Create darts for the following patterns: (a) & (b) by folding the patterns inward in a triangular shape and holding with tailor pins. The use a standard straight stitch to secure in place
6.Overlock the curved edges of the underarm and overarm. Pin-in using tailor pins and then secure using a standard straight stitch for a neat finish
7. Attach the top of pattern (c) to the bottom of pattern (a) using tailor pins and then secure using a standard straight stitch. Make sure the edges line up to meet
8. Do the same for pattern (b) and (d), ensuring the edges before securing with a standard straight stitch
9. Select patterns (e) and ruffle/gather the shortest length edges or what is considered top edge of the pattern
10. Over lock the bottom edges of pattern (e) (what is considered the longest edge of the pattern). Then pin-up using tailor pins and secure with a standard straight stitch. Make sure the thread used is camouflage
11. Attach the top of pattern (e) to the following combined patterns, front and back at the bottom:
(a)/(c) & (b)/(d)
12. Create a strip out of pattern (f) and attach to the inner shoulder of pattern (a)
13. Turn the combine patterns front and back so that the correct sides are facing together and the biased side faces towards you and the other side facing a solid smooth surface
14. Use tailor pins to pin the sides and the shoulders. Make sure the front and back combined patterns meet edge to edge. Secure using a standard straight stitch
15. Overlock the reverse sides. Use needle and camouflage thread for a neat and perfect finish.

 Although i consider this to be a simple sundress for a smart/casual look, there is a lot of room to jazz this creation up or create a layered look. However being a designer it was more important to show the dress. The above picture shows the dress teamed with a bodysuit turtle-neck top (ebay), sheer tights (Wilkinson) and red shoes (Jasper Conran) Belt & Bag (Primark) Jacket (Zara) and Hair - Sensationnel. I also created a sun-dress for my gorgeous and beautiful daughter. :O A natural poser!! I also created shorts for myself using this fabric. 

Here are more in the sunshine hurray! this time the strap is tied to the back instead.

Check out the sundress pattern sketch above as a guide to creating your own:
1.Back, 2. Front, 3. Skirt, 4 Waist-band  5. Optional neckline ribbon/strap.

Below i pictured a close up of my mascara from the look above, well at least i tried showing that i'm wearing denim blue mascara (Sleek) - i absolutely adore because it is so 90's. I love the ombre lipstick look too. 

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