Colour in I look around, they don’t do it like my clique

The essence of culture is golden and far more important in fashion today than it was yesterday. I didn't expect to feel this way but i admit i have been positively influenced and for that i'm grateful. Nowadays, i tend to see less experimental fashion designs/styles on the street relating to shapes, colour, patterns and fine fabrics. London represents well at times but i think we can go a little upbeat with this.  Today i gave myself a challenge to wear colour, culture, add shine, pattern and at the same time I wanted to feel comfortable wearing this simply out and about. So I decided to explore an item which is precious at heart.
A blouse that mum gave to me. Wearing this blouse gives me so much inspiration, far beyond the glitter that is seen and the importance of representing uniqueness as fly.

It being a blouse once owned by mum makes it precious. Mum had this created for one of many cultural meetings and now it's mine for a specific purpose, being to add to my creative juices :). I absolutely love the cut because it looks good with straight-cut or flared trousers and skirts, particularly pencil skirts. I also fell for the sleeves and neckline as well as the back with its Victoria Secrets zipper. 

The blouse is so distinctive, cultural, current and fashion blazing! I decided to team this for today's outing with my straight jeans (H&M), and snake print open toe sling-back shoes (Atmosphere, Primark). Culture to me represents identity, attitude, uniqueness, variation from the "new normal" and novelty. Currently something i see so little of on the streets. We should never forget to explore culture in fashion because culture is style.

Culture is our canvas allowing us to accessorize further. I think this blouse has style inserted ;) so i'm sure there are more fashion pieces to explore with this. To see what this blouse has inspired me to create you will need to wait for my next post. "I wish Blogger did a better job on formatting!" It was difficult arranging the content.

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Anyway, I’ll chat soon on more fashion pieces fashionisters and fashionistas - peace x


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