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Ok, I've been on the look out for bold stated lipstick. I love blue and green but finding lipstick in these colours has almost become a chore. So I'm fed up. Years ago I brought a pack of Crayola Crayons for multi-purpose use and recently brought them back out from where it was hidden to give to my son for play. So today it popped to my mind that I can use these crayons to create fabulous lipsticks. I started out with purple but will update later with other colours.

Yes all sorts of colours to also mix! Wild and free :D

This is my recipe for the trick:

1/2 Colour Crayon Stick
1/2 Teaspoon Castor Oil
Small blob of lanolin/Vaseline/veg oil/Olive Oil or even Cod Liver Oil will do.


Melt the above in a tin proof container on stove at low to medium temperature.
Stir occasionally till content is melted
Pour content into a container
Leave standing or you can place in refrigerator too cool.

A lipstick invention 

Other uses or things to make using crayon:
Shoe polish, Furniture polish or nail polish

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  1. You are a true maker! You can't find what you want, so you do for yourself. You have my respect. I was looking for lip stains (I don't do lipstick) and found some great ideas using fruit and berries. Since you're a fan of blue, you might give a try to a blueberry lip stain. If you like gloss, just put a shiny gloss on top.


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