How To DIY Tiered Layered Dress Skirt "Paradise"

In this weeks tutorial, Essé Designs presents "Paradise". The project is an amazing cocktail of colours. Its prints moving away from florals or stripes to profound art shapes that depict sea leaves and shells. The style, cut, shape and fabric is so trendy, sexy and exotic. Thinking ahead to exotic, I look forward to seeing more prints and shapes in our everyday fashion style soon.

This style absolutely reminds me of the tropics. Close your eyes for a sec and just imagine the white sand, blue/green clear sea, sea shells, sunset, sizzling mouth watering food, drinks and the festive mood of carnival till dawn. Now open. For some this will sound like paradise. By the way carnival is just around the corner too.

This is a dress that many females would love to move in because of its versatility.  One doesn't have to worry about straps, dress being too long, too short or tight to move in. There is absolute freedom and control with this one. It's a dress that will keep you cool and adapts well to making you feel warm when it needs to with the right layers. To visualize what i'm going on about check out the DIY fashion tutorial/demo below, where i share my creative skills and experiences, that uniquely and spectacularly combines the element of dance and the true beauty of this creation.  

Effortless style is always best, so if you plan to DIY on this style, know it can be worn with heels, flats or bare feet is complementary (well i think i can get away in stating that :D).

According to the pictures, i wore the dress with bronze open toe cage sandal heels - Dorothy Perkins, Black Bolero - Forever21 and accessories - Primark, Lipstick - my own. You can read my post: The Innovative Fashion Beauty Fix to know how I do my lip colours. I opted for fruity colours in this post, because summer is full on. I think in this weeks post i've gotten away with doing something out of the norm and fun - a true mission indeed:).

Note, i changed the arrangement of the contents in this weeks post but that is only because i'm really explorative and thought it would be a good idea to put it together like this. I really want all that i do to be more than interesting but captivating, soulfully me, unseen before (avoiding deja vu) and comprehensive. In terms of content this week, there is certainly a lot to feast your eyes.

Below is the garment sketch, pattern blue print, demo/tutorial and instruction guide on making your own tier/layered dress skirt.


This exotic design consists of 7 pattern pieces. You will need about 2-4 yards of fabric depending on your size measurements (based on UK size 6-18). You may wish to double the fabric or add a dress-lining for thickness.

This style is suited to trainers, wedges or heels. Try selecting colours that are fitting with fabric shades, no need to be entirely safe by opting for black. On chilled days wear a short light jacket, trench coat or cardigan.

This particular design is based on the regular family trips at my local pier (seaside). One of the longest leisure piers in the world. It spiralled my inspiration to create a design that looked exotic, fun and peaceful. The fabric used, features natural art patterns whilst the colours are earthy. The structure of this dress can fit different body shapes. Play around with texture, material and colour to enhance design and making it fitting to you

1. Begin by cutting the pattern pieces out of your chosen fabric. Use the blue print to identify patterns that require cutting on the fold line. If the fabric used is transparent or thin, you may wish to double the fabric, so double the cut of each pattern.
2. Create darts on pattern (a) and (b) using the blue print as a guide on were to situate the darts. Cut2x pieces of pattern (b) for left and right side of upper body. Lock and pin up the curved edge at the back of pattern (b)
3.  Attach the longest length of pattern (d) to the bottom area of pattern (a)
4. Attach the longest length of pattern (c) to the bottom edges of pattern (b)
5. Cut 2x pieces of pattern (e) and (g) on the fold line. Ruffle the top edges of patterns (e) and (g). Over lock the bottom edges. Pin up the over locked edge and secure with a standard straight stitch.
6. Attach one of the ruffled edges of pattern (g) to the bottom edges of pattern (d) on the reverse side. Then attach the second pattern (g) to pattern (c)
7. Attach pattern (d) to the bottom edges of (a) and pattern (c) to the bottom edges of pattern (b)
5. Securely pin the top edges of pattern (e) to pattern (f) and then use a standard straight stitch to hold pieces together.
6. Securely pin the top edges of pattern (g) to the bottom edge of pattern (f), and then use a standard straight stitch to hold pieces together.

7. Face the correct surfaces of the back and front garment pieces together. Pin the side edges of the two full garment pieces on reverse side, from top to bottom.  Secure using a straight stitch.  Secure edges by over locking. Do the same for any other areas that require a finish.

 enjoy the scenes of paradise/exotic tropics, silks and fabric prints!

Always remember to stay tuned and explore my range of fashion design style concepts, fabrics, patterns and new projects to come 

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Have lots of fun with this, peace x

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