How To DIY 90's Fashion Asymmetric Cut-Away Halter-Neck Top

Continuing the peplum style trend, i created an asymmetric peplum top using the African green material seen in an earlier post "How To DIY Fashion Peg Leg Chino High-Waisted Trousers" which has a warm seasonal look, and in this post, i've provided a guide to help you create your own below.

Whenever i have the opportunity to travel, i'm motivated to take note of nature and significant features of the places i visit. It inspires me to create an item that's different and fuels my adventure to explore a design and style like this one. 

So taking advantage of the tropical rain-forest weather in Singapore one of the Asian countries i visited this month, i knew i'd have the chance to show the true beauty of the design without having to settle for layers. The garden for the shoot was perfectly coloured to match the wear. No plan was made on how colours will coordinate, It was a simply lets go with the flow moment :).
Touching down in Singapore i noticed that the country is full of greenery and hills that are alive just like the sound of music.  I could not help but be inspired by the nature around which is amazing, pure and rich. The place is a mix but not necessarily a fusion of Asians. Something was mild and mystical about the scene of people, its fashion culture. Fashion and culture is unique, it's the interface to our soul (wearing what represents our inner-self). I was surprised to see that the fashion sense was modern and contemporary rather than traditional. It's always a valuable experience to see a different part of the world. It makes me appreciate what i have, who i am and see the opportunities presented. I spotted a lot of individuality during flights so i'll be sharing some of the looks i noticed with a touch of my own flavour soon.

Back to creating this top, i suggest using a medium-weight fabric. When working with prints try and make points meet. The key is darting for structured tailoring in garments.  Although i didn't show the top accessorized, i think it's possible and easily wearable with a thin belt, necklace, cardigan or jacket.

This design consists of 5 pieces. You’ll need the following tools to create this top: pattern pieces, tailor pins, tailor chalk, paper scissors, fabric scissors, thread, sewing machine. Below is the pattern pieces required to creating your own Asymmetric Peplum Top. You may wish to double the fabric or add a dress-lining for thickness and reduce transparency

1. Start by cutting 1x layer of all patterns for this project
2. Gather and stitch darts shown on pattern (b) to the pattern fabric (b). The seams should be from the nipples straight down
3. Stitch the bottom of pattern (a) (1/3 of the large area) to the top of pattern (b)
4. Cut 2x of pattern (c), then pin and stitch to the left and right of pattern (a)
5. Cut 4x pieces of pattern (d). Select 2x pieces of pattern (d). Use tailor pins to pin the top and bottom edges and the angular side of pattern (d) together on its reverse side. Secure using a standard straight stitch. Repeat the same for the other 2x pieces of pattern (d) and then turn both out onto correct side
6. Fold the angular edge of pattern (d) into a triangle to create a flap. Secure with a small button of your choice.  Do the same for the other piece.
7. Attach the straight sides of the connected pieces of pattern (d) to pattern (b), the front
8. Cut 2x of pattern (e). Seam the longest sides of the pattern on its reverse side. Over-lock the bottom edges. Turn the pattern onto its correct side.
9. Pin the top edges together to hold in place, then gather/ruffle the top edges of pattern (e)
10. Use a camouflage standard straight stitch to finish the bottom edges
11. Attach pattern (e) to (d) and (b) using a standard straight stitch seam on reverse sides.
12. Finalise the reverse side of the garment by over locking areas of attachments and using a needle and thread to neaten up closures in the connecting areas of the garment

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