Exploration & Aptitude For Hair

I thought i'll do a blog post on hair and hope to attract those who are interested or wish to experiment and find out more about hair styles. I absolutely love hair because it can change up your entire feature and nowadays a women like me, as well as the celebs like beyonce to lady gaga and Naomi to Tyra just like to "accessorize and play up" with looks. Plus i don't mind sharing how i created the look with the world.

So you may have spotted that i've rocked several long locks but i've also shown a very ultra short look too. I actually prefer to be in longer styles so i'll probably be sticking to that. However i do plan on changing up on hair colour.

So to get started on hair colour this year, i thought i'll explore not only with hair extension (weaves) and wigs but with temporary to perhaps permanent hair colouring as well. 

On second thoughts i'd probably prefer to stay away from actions that dry out the hair from root to shaft so natural solutions to accessorize will do. I will be posting a tip on this - so make sure you come back and visit soon!

I really dig wigs and hair extensions, which have become one of my most treasured accessory since year 2K. You can check out my project videos and previous fashion pictorial post to see the styles i've worn so far.  

Since i've already shown you how i have worn my hair, why bother repeat it? Go and check them out and see for yourself if you're interested :). I've also documented the styles according to the post - so read carefully if you are interested in that style.

4 likeable things about hair extensions in general:

*Best for layering and merging with natural hair using wefts (sewn or glued)
*Variety of colours available
* Adds volume

8 likeable things about wigs in general:

*Can merge well with skin and natural hair particularly when using lace wigs
*Easy to style 
*Stays on using cap, hair clips, adjustable straps 
*Pre-coloured/dyed so you can of course maintain your own natural look, plus healthy hair and scalp
*Easy to alter (e.g. cut it shorter, re-dye it)
*Looks realistic with baby hair. If not you can always add baby hair yourself. My demonstration on how this is achieved is below: 

Tools required: Shredding scissors (available from most drugstores), Curling Tongs. The above was done as a dry cut but you can opt for a wet cut for sleeker precision. Use a spray bottle with water. For sheen add a few dabs of your favourate oil e.g. baby oil will do.

So visit again and learn more DIY tips on hair, styling and fashion soon. If you have any questions after reading this post, comment below and i'll do my best to answer.

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