How To DIY & Style Cropped Peg Pant/Trouser

The winter breeze is fresh in the air and although it is still winter the sun shines bright.  A perfect start to the year and i'm buzzing to show you my pegs :). So check out the design in motion by clicking on the runway below showing you the first and latest tutorial of 2014! By the way, Happy New Year :)!


Putting these trousers on gives me the feeling of "i came to win, to fly" so i chose this tune as the theme for this post: Nicki Minaj - Fly ft. Rihanna

As i do enjoy styling fashion in various ways another point to make is that this trouser shape can be dressed up differently. Wear with trainers, wedges, pumps , high or low sandals and boots, it will look good.

The fabric pattern and colour represents Winter because of its cool yellow and deep tones of brown with leaf designs. This project is about simplicity, particularly best for new beginnings. So checkout the instruction guide to creating your own below. You'll need approximately 2-3mtrs of fabric depending on your size measurements (based on UK size 6-18). You will need a total of 3 pattern pieces, see below. Each pattern includes at least a 1.5-2cm seam allowance.

                                                   INSTRUCTION GUIDE
This design consists of 4 pattern pieces. You will need about 2-4 yards of fabric depending on your size measurements (based on UK size 6-18). You may wish to double the fabric or add a dress-lining for thickness and reduce transparency. 
This easy to wear style can be teamed with soft sneakers, flats or heels, cropped tops or body suit but not limited to this.
The inspiration for this came from scanning past fashion trousers from the 1950’s and the fabric used for this design. My main resources for inspiration are old photos depicting fashion trends, google searches and fashion/beauty magazines. Spaghetti style trousers are classics that can never fall out of fashion, the main purpose  for its entry on this blog

1. Begin by laying the fabric flat on a smooth solid surface, preferably on its biased side
2. Lay patterns sparsely over the fabric. Using tailor pins, begin pinning the patterns down
3. Cut the patterns out of the fabric on the outer seam edges. Remember to cut out patterns for the left and right side 
4. Cut 2x of pattern (a) and (b)
5. Using tailor pins, pin up the edges of the ankles (1.5 -2cm), then use a standard straight stitch to secure the edges.
6. Select 2x cuts of patterns (a). Place the patterns together by ensuring that the biased sides face faces your palms, lay flat and make sure the edges meet.
7. Place tailor pins on the curved edges of the trousers only. Then secure with a standard straight stitch.
8. After cutting 4x of pattern (c), sew 2x of the pieces together on its reverse side (narrow edge to narrow edge). Do the same for the other 2x pieces and then back the pieces together on its correct side. Sew the longest lengths together using a standard straight stitch on its reverse side to create a front high waist. Do the same for pattern (d) to create a slightly lower cut back.
9. Using tailor pins, pin the front waist to the connected pieces of pattern (a)
10. Using tailor pins, pin the back waist to the connected pieces of pattern (b)
11. Secure front and back waist to trouser leg using a standard straight stitch
12. Place the front and back pieces together on the correct side of fabric so that one side of the reverse faces a smooth flat surface and other side faces towards you.
13. Use tailor pins to pin the side edges of the waist and trouser legs, then secure using a standard straight stitch
14. Remember to leave an opening for a side zipper on the right hand side of trousers.
15. Add a camouflage side zip

16. Finish the design by over-locking the edges on the reverse side and use a needle and thread that camouflages with fabric to neaten any overclocked edges.

Featured Style: Heels: ASOS - Pixel (Shoes), Anne Michelle - Lonestar-12 (Boots), tweed Jacket, multi-coloured chiffon dress, turtleneck top - Primark, pussy bow cropped top - H&M, sun-glasses - Dollar Tree, hair - Sensantionnel (Giselle) colour: DX4130, Eyes: Sleek, Beauty UK Shadows, Skin: Maybelline (FitMe) and Lips: Made my own Colours with Maxfactor lipstick - 846 Raging Ruby.

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