Zara Lace & Nude Stilletos: Salon Encaje

I initially wasn't going to write this post, but couldn't help putting my thoughts to action by including shoes as an addition to my postings. Looking back on my outfits, i spotted some of the shoes i wore, so i'll be recapping on the shoe side of things in more detail, besides what outfit is complete without having fancy feet right? 

To view show, click play above or link:

I'm not quite sure what form the shoe take on my blog will go but it isn't something i'm about to worry myself on. Just gonna go with the flow and hope you do too :D. Lets see how many i can get through with ease, then talk about my favorites for the month - Yipee! That should be fun but hard work. Check out the catwalk for Jan & Feb to begin with. These heels aren't the highest but some will state they're perhaps too high, i don't notice because heels are cool and these insoles are comfy giving a good pivot on the heels.

I warn i'm in character. So lets have fun!

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