Shoe Memoir on Fahrenheit Lady-01 Caged Gladiator Knee High Sandals

So today i'm sporting a pair of Fahrenheit Lady-01 Caged Gladiator Knee High Sandals paired with tights because the weather is somewhat cooler. I do like some open shoes with tights and these are one of them. I've worn these before in a previous blog post during the summer and decided I'll revisit to wear in a slightly different way for fall.

These are very comfortable despite the heel height which is close to 6" if not more. The
insoles are cushioned and the buckles and platform give it an overall retro look.

Positives are:

1. Comfortable due to its insole and heel height suited to level with the front platform
2. This color "Magenta" is just one of the juicy colors available in this style. Others are: 
Peach, Red, Black and White
3. Trendy style 
4. Zipper fastner for easy pull on and pull off wear
5. Material is of good quality and durable
6. True to size - perfect fit


1. Platform may not feel comfortable to everyone, for various reasons
2. Gold plate at the front may scratch so need to handle delicately 

I feel these can be styled with a lot of 60's inspired cut fashion pieces or for a wilder look, go for a rock chic look. Perfect fashion pieces to style these sandals with are A-line short  or midi skirts/dresses, long dresses with front/side slits and shorts/Rompers match perfectly with these sandals.


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