Shoe Memoir on Breckelle's Alabama 14 Military Khaki-Green Knee Boots

It was all about keeping warm especially when out and about. I'm not a flat shoe/boot person but the weather today was slightly frosty and i needed to do my activities with a little haste besides i do have the few days per month when i relax with a flat instead.

These boots speak for itself, dressed down and flexible. The color is khaki green. It's available in deep brown, beige and black too but the rare neutral of the green is attractive and one of the top colors in my opinion that's available.

Inside you'll feel the cushion on the soles of your feet and the fur that surrounds the bottom to the mid-calf which is an additional insulator. The faux leather on the outer shell of the boot is of really good quality, the heel is minimal and wooden. The overall quality is very good and durable as i've walked with it on rocky surfaces, sand beaches and so on. 

There is an inner short side zip and the lace up feature at the front really isn't a lace up. It's more like a lace pull instead. I tie-knotted the rest of leatherette lace around my knee to secure. I've had these for over a year now and i've worn it more than several times. It is lighter in weight than it looks. Other alternatives to wear Alabama 14 with are leggings, short skirts or shorts. If i decide to wear them again, i'll definitely try capturing one of the fashion pieces suggested.

Well insulated and cushioned
True to size
Reasonable price
Easy to walk in
Strictly casual
Nice representation of fashion in military style
Nice khaki green



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