Shoe Memoir on Brekelle's Blazer 11 Work Boots

So i thought i'd match today's heels with my hubby who wore Timberland's in Navy blue 
without the heels to mention! Matching only happens on rare occasions of course so i took up the opportunity :). It's interesting how these brightened up the rest of my wear including my hair highlights spotted by another young female who was just mesmerized it brought a smile to my face. It's so nice too see :) people. 

  Going back to basics was the way into comfort for my look today. Later in the day a women i believe to be of my grandma's age commented to say she couldn't "walk in those" and i replied these are in fact just like wearing trainers. The comfort is amazing - no kidding! She looked like i was having her on... after a few moments she looked like she really wished she could wear them though :). Seriously noting, shoes aren't like say a century or two ago ... shoes nowadays, depending on where you shop are made to feel like walking on air and so easy to wear. Even when platforms are applied.

One of my reflections today was don't say "never will" or "couldn't" because you are really setting yourself up to being inactive. Be grounded and realize that every day is an opportunity to try out something new  no matter your age and in the end you'll know what it is to truly appreciate - I think!

The look of this pair are made to feel like being ready on the go. These are one of 
my motivators and i felt i needed the push because i felt to just laze in today. As a follow up from my last post, this style is the alternative or inspiration to what we're likely to see more of as active/sports footwear during 2015. Blazer 11 is made for fall and it is my go to for the rainy, snowy or cold weather days during this season. 

Positives are:

1. Cushioned insole
2. Adjustable lace up feature
3. inner zipper fastner
4. Nubuck fabric - feels like mature suede
5. Easy to walk and bend. Plus well insulated for warmeth
6. Well constructed
7. Easy to put on and off
8. Nice neutral color
9. grip bottoms 
10. Excellently priced - love!


1. None

As you may tell i tried these with skinny jeans but i think it's possible to team with just about anything you can think of;).


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