Shoe Memoir on "Combinada" Sandal Shoes from Zara.

Coolness is the name of the game today and because it was so, throughout the day i did most of my talking using just the eyes to say it all. The tones of grey to blues are defined in these pair and so i went with them. The fit is also cozy. This pair is called Combinada from Zara.

The shoes weren't the only thing cool today, The weather was no different, so perhaps this was a suitor. I'd describe the feel of the day as cool, calming and laid back. Eventually i put on my sheer tights because i could do with the extra layer of skin.

My overview of these sandal-shoes is that its sophisticated because of the mix media going on. 

Positives are:

1. True to size
2. Beautiful colors  
3. comfortable and has a cushioned insole
4. Versatile wear
5. Easy to put on and off
6. Dressy
7. Leans towards the pricey side
8. Mix media style
9. Easy walk in
10 Good quality and well constructed

Neutral - Negative

1. The side view of the heel looks unusual but i guess that's how Zara makes heels. I've noticed the trend in almost all Zara heels - i think it looks very modern.


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