Shoe Memoir on Priviledged Mess Hall Sneaker Army Boots

It's cold today so i'm wearing neutral colors for comfort. My options were khaki green or a cream. Then i looked up in my closet and i found these to match. As soon as i slipped my feet in these boots, i embraced the height as the color was exactly what i had in mind. There are days when the extra height has to come out and today is reserved for that purpose. These are Priviledged "Mess Hall Sneaker Army Boots". It works perfectly with the autumn leaves. These are really comfortable and i could walk miles before feeling the need to take them off.

As a follow up from yesterday's post, this style is another alternative or inspiration to what we're likely to see as active/sports heel footwear during 2015. The good news for now is that these are made for fall.

Positives are:

1. Cushioned insole
2. Adjustable lace up feature
3. Adjustable front strap
4. Features a soft linen quilted fabric with PU leather lining
5. Easy to walk and bend. Plus well insulated for warmeth
6. Well constructed
7. Easy to put on and off
8. Nice neutral color mix


1. May only suit certain types of clothing because of its bulky edge design

Team with shorts/rompers, skinny trousers, joggers or military bottom/pants for a sporty edge :).


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