Shoe Memoir on Red Kiss "Love Spell" Heels

These are now one of my Fall dress up shoes. I think the colors are a true representation of Fall colors. I like the overall feature of these shoes, particularly because i lean towards the narrow point front during Fall months. 

Simply it tends to be a classic style, whatever its worn with.  I teamed "Love Spell" with a full bodice-cut-fitted black jumpsuit and selected a green wrap belt to compliment. 

Today happened to be my first trial in these. Was a bit concerned about narrowness, hence why i'm wear my ankle socks to help with comfort. Eventually i felt brave enough to take these out on duty. The walk was fine and i can say i felt uplifted and chic in them. These can be combined with a number of outfits. Perfect for party, smart or casual wear. Other colors to try out with "Love spell" are greys, greens, limes, pinks, reds and perhaps orange.

Positives are:

Cool tones
Fine to walk in
Zip fastener
Reasonably price
Outer soft woven fabric


Very narrow, so you'll have to go beyond your usual size


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