Shoe Memoir on Nature Breeze Bangkok 03 Strappy Beige Wedges

Today was relaxing, just spending time with the important people of my life. Holiday's like this makes you remember the things and people that really count and make a positive difference (even those that aren't aware they are) Thank you! And that's the reason why i forgot to post my latest shoe update earlier today. 

Today i'm wearing Nature Breeze - Bangkok 03. These are light beige wedges with a trendy bling twist. The material is faux leather for the most part. Bangkok 03 are very comfortable to walk in and matches many fashion pieces. These are one of those shoes which are great for days when being busy on the toes is a no escape. I really explored wearing it during the Spring/Summer months and have made it transitional for this season in these pictures.

Other colors available in this lovable style are black and brown.

Comfortable and cushioned
Neutral colors 
More dressy than the usual wedge
Priced well
Easy to walk in 
Casual wear
Long wear
Absolute-true fit



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