Shoe Memoir on Primark Faux Suede Red Open Toe Lazer Cut Lace Up Booties

Going full circle again, I decided to go with another red shoe. This time i'm wearing an open toe faux suede lazer cut lace up ankle boot from Primark that matched this skirt well and brought out its glowing color patterns.

I'd say these are one of Primarks jewels in shoe styles. It's a good idea to visit this store to check out what's new because styles can change on a weekly basis and some stores just happen to have better styles stocked than others, so some investigation before hand wouldn't go amiss. The shoes are comfortable, bright and cheerful. It flatters any fashion piece, perfect for everyday casual wear. Wear during the light Autumn, Spring to Summer months. Pair these with something short or midi and it can look really sweet.

Comfortable and cushioned
Bright red
Lazer cut makes it transitional through seasons
Amazing price
Easy to walk in 
Casual wear
Long wear
True fit



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