Shoe Memoir on Primark Faux Suede Emerald Green Mary Jane Heel Pumps

It felt like a busy day but i really do feel my team handled all the tasks we set ourselves accordingly and still had time to chill and relax towards the end of the day. Going outside for some shopping didn't feel like being in an ice box as the sun was out to help. It's also refreshing when you can do shopping without it feeling like it's gonna be a tight squeeze through the aisle or queuing is going to take a long while like some of the usual public holidays i've endured in the past.

So since the atmosphere was bright but orderly, i wore these Mary Jane heel pumps. It took me a while to get use to wearing it initially but now i walk in it like it's flip flops. It's ironic these happen to be in an emerald green, so addictive. The material is a faux suede with a double buckle strap design which makes it feel double secure. The heels are slightly on the chunky side with an almond - squared shaped front.  A bit unusual but cutesy. These are hidden platforms so it looks and feels like they are single soles. It's a good suitor to any fashion piece, that's the reason why Mary Jane's never get tired!

I captured these again in a matching color abstract dress

Beautiful green
Hidden Platform and heel combo
Amazing price (on sale)
Easy to walk in 
Dressy/Smart/Casual wear
True fit

Takes awhile to get use to wearing


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