Shoe Memoir on Primark Indigo Open Toe Sandal Bootie

I set myself a new challenge before starting my day. To select a pallete of colors that create purple now i've realized that i could do with more of the color in my wardrobe and so plan to top up on it. Particularly because i find purples pleasant to wear during the fall.


These booties do not have a name but they are from the high street fashion store "Primark". I paired it with red lace ankle socks also from Primark. The color is really deep and the material used is velveteen, which is pretty unique and makes it comfortable to wear. These have been worn dressed up and now used more for casual wear, so i'm surprised that it has kept its overall look very well.

Comfortable stretch fabric
Rich indigo
Decent heel height
Amazing price
Easy to walk in 
Dressy/Casual wear
Long wear
True fit



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