Shoe Memoir on Nelly 50 Skyscraper Platform Heels

I went daring in yellow and here are my stills to prove it. I felt i had to give these 
another try as trends frequently change. I'm wearing a PU Leather skirt and it looked a bit retro. 

The shoes constantly remind of Barbie's fashion-wear pieces and shoes seen in comic books. It shouts out fun and quirky, which i find fascinating enough to put on a mantle piece and constantly stare at. 

Giving this a try in fall required wearing dull pieces above and it was fine but would still wear less in fall because it's like bright yellow/lime. There should be no mistake, these are exactly what they are called - Skyscrapers!!

Positives are:

1. True to size
2. Bright and cheerful  
3. Comfortable and has a cushioned insole
4. Easy to put on and off
5. Quirky, Cute and Playful Fashion wear
6. Inexpensive
7. Easier to walk in than it looks
8. Good quality and well constructed
9. Available in Black, Neon Pink, White & Neon Yellow


1. Bigger in reality
2. Elastic straps were tight, although it loosens the more you wear


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