Sewing Equipment/Tools

The right sewing tools makes all the difference to creating an item that's amazing, professional at speed. So here are some  main tools you'll find useful when creating my design styles.

Tracing Paper: used for duplicating lines/strokes and drawing pattern and shapes  
Ruler & French Curves: used for creating lines, strokes and curves in patterning 
Paper Scissor: used for paper cutting 
Fabric Scissors/Dressmakers Shears: best for cutting out fabric. Blades easily glide through fibers to give a smooth edge cut  
Tailor Chalks/Pencils: The perfect fabric highlighter for marking fabric, making marks visible. Can easily wipe off
Pins: Used temporarily to hold pieces of fabric together and for shaping fabric on the body during the conceptual stages of a sewing project. Useful for various sew/craft projects  

Pin Cushions: A soft storage surface. Available in different sizes and shapes 
Machine Needles: General Sewing Needles (sizes 1-12): These needles are good for doing simple thread stitching e.g. sewing of fasteners like the hook & eye to garments
Sewing Machine: You’ll find a simple straight stitch sewing machine handy for the styles on my blogger pages dedicated to sewing/patterning 
Overlocker/Serger: The speeds of this sewing equipment varies depending on brand and technical sophistication. The purpose is to trim and lock finish edges of seam allowances  
Iron: a steam iron is best in removing and smoothening wrinkles to garments/cloth  
Ironing Board: Often a raised level surface with varying level heights to flat ironing garments/cloths Retractable/Tape Measure: Use this to measure precise length and width of the body e.g. bust, waist and hips  
Rubber: Use this to erase mistakes during paper patterning/concept process of designing  
Pencils: Made of lead to create text or drawings  
Sharpener: Used to sharpen pencils 
Fabric Pen: Similar to a tailors chalk except stains are more longwear but washable   Flat Smooth Large Table: A balance, smooth and level surface for cutting, pinning and machine sewing
Fabric: a soft textured material, sometimes processed with more than one combination of fibers to create an item. Reference other pages dedicated to fabric from blogger pages. Also visit: for sales.


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