Alero Collections: January 2019 Subscription Box

Brighten up, It A New Year!

Welcome to January 2019 Subscription Box post. This article features and discusses the products in January 2019’s box. The intention is to share extra tips or techniques that can be used as part of your skincare regimen.

This new year think only “glow”. See yourself as well as the world around you in new light. That means focusing and putting emphasis on the sum of parts to create the whole feature. This month we focus on doing just that. Below Alero Collections gives you the product selection you need to move forward. Eyes are the mirror of the soul, so dedicating love and nourishment is the essence to maintaining upkeep. Seek bright eyes by gently tapping top anti-aging ingredients onto eyelids and undereyes for brighter and hydrated eyes. 

Relax and rejuvenate eyes and face using masks with main ingredients such as Collagen or Retinol. 

Volumise or thicken lashes and brows using growth serum and natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Black Castor Oil. Don’t hesitate to reach for Vitamins such as Vitamin A,B,C + Bioflavonoids,E for healthy glowing skin, hair and nails. Besides it's more delightful when it's sweet and chewable.

Statement lips comes with care as well as color. Go for brighter lips by opting for lip scrubs and a lip moisturizer with sunscreen.

Using a spritz-on mineral peel is an easy step to add to your skincare routine, wait a few seconds and rub with your hands or cleansing cloth, then rinse off and gently pat dry. Watch as your skin is instantly revived. 

Below I share a great and natural way to increase brightness of skin by releasing tension. This in turn will recharge energy plus wellbeing for the better.

2 minute Facial Exercise

  1. Start by taking in 3-6 deep breathes. This slows down the pulse and gives relaxation. You may wish to also add a few drops of essential oils to help with the process. Suitable examples are Lavender, Jasmine, Sage and Basil. Alternatively, you may wish to use the O.R.G Facial mineral Peel to replace the above.
  2. Pouring just a few drops into palms, use finger tips to pat onto all areas of the face.
  3. Now massage into various parts of the face

*Use first two fingers of each hand and message temples in circular anti-clockwise direction.
*Use thumb below each eyebrow and index finger above to relax the brows. Begin slowly and gently in the brow centre and gently pinch and lift along each brow until fingers/thumb reach temples.
*Use the three larger finger tips of both hands and little finger tips if possible to circle around the eye with gentle tapping. Begin from the top of nose and move out, round and back.
*Work hands back to brow line and use the pads of fingers to message, lifting  up towards and into the scalp.
*Use middle and index fingers under cheekbones to lift and hold for count of three slowly. Then exhale slowly for count
*Place thumbs below jawline and middle fingers just above it, then pinch, lift and hold the skin and move up towards the ears. 
*Place right hand onto left ear to gently stretch neck towards the right. Repeat on reverse side. Message the base of skull, where it meets neckline at the back and gently lean backwards to a comfortable position.
*Complete this exercise by gently wiping face with a damp face towel. Proceed with an eye soothing mask pad as pictured above, tilt head back or lay down, completely relax and remain still for 5-10mins.

We opted for the L'oreal Revitalift Cream Cleanser specifically for it's brightening ingredient, vitamin C. With consist use you will begin to notice skin is smooth, even and brighter. 
Instant Moisture & Brightening:
To avoid skin feeling and looking greasy but moist we selected New York Fair & Lovely Clarifying Gel. Use independently or in combination with your everyday lotion/cream. A little goes a long way. 

Skincare tools to use:
Dry/damp washcloth, eye or facial mask. I’ll discuss more about such tools in later notes dedicated to subscribers of the “Makeup & Beauty Enhancement Tool Box”.


Remember to moisturize the eye area. Pay particular attention to how moisture is applied to absorb well into the eye area. Ensure you apply the moisture using the dab method on the orbital bone around the eye zone, because the structure helps move the product to the location required. 

Disclaimer: Please do a 24-72hr patch test on all products using band-aid protection on skin before consistent use. If skin irritation, discontinue use. Products do not guarantee results due differences in skin. Do follow-up with SPF 30+ minimum when outdoors for extended time.

So we've covered the items for this months skin beautification. Great news is that a couple or a few of the products presented above will be in your subscription box to try out. You may leave questions or comments below and please remember to like, subscribe and share. By the way, the subscription service is  now exclusively available via from January 1st onwards to new and existing subscribers.

Stay Beautiful

Alero Esse 


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