Make Your Own Mini Organza Cushions In Just 5 Minutes

Here is a mini tutorial on how to create a mini organza cushion. If making multiple cushions it could easily serve as a decorative theme. The one that comes to mind are display children cushion mobiles hanged from the ceiling, a sitting soft display accessory to jazz up a furniture piece or to serve as a craft pin cushion as pictured below. 

Tools required

  1. 1 yard can create 3-6 mini cushions 
  2. Tracing paper 
  3. Paper cutting scissors 
  4. Fabric Scissors Ruler 
  5. Pencil 
  6. Ink pen 
  7. Shape stencil 
  8. Fabric Cotton stuffing


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1. Begin by either using a shape stencil or free-hand draw your desired shape on tracing paper. In this example, the shape drawn is a diamond. A good size should be between 10-30cm width 
2. Add at least 1.5-2cm seam lines edges 
3. Cut around the seam-lines 
4. Use the paper scissor to cut the shape out 
5. Place the paper shape on a 4-folded fabric. In this example, the fabric used is Sheer Organza 
6. Pin the edges of the fabric together 
7. Seam just below the seam lines, leaving at least a 4cm unsealed part of the item 
8. Add the cotton stuffing until the shape is filled 
9. Tuck in and pin the left over 4cm to create a neat finish
10. Add your strings

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