Shoe Memoir on Open Toe Leopard Print Booties

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

By Alero Essé

I decided to slip into leopard print today and as it is open toe i added tights just to feel warm. These are good for days when i have to do errands on speed and go for a soothing stroll with my gorgeous toddlers but still remain dressy 50’s chic style with my dress turned into a high waist skirt now.

Stepping out, I noticed that the weather was much warmer than i anticipated so that was credit, its so nice when the sun is out and combined with a gentle breeze.

I love these and have received a lot of positive comments and pleasant stares for these. I guess my character for the day was bold plus speed with this selection. Wearing a different style of shoes daily is like applying makeup. A makeup artist sees the face as a canvas to paint on and selecting shoes is no different in my opinion.

Positives are: 1. True to size 2. Descent heel height 3. Beautiful color print mix/tone  4. Faux suede of good quality 5. Easy to walk and bend.  6. Versatile wear 7. Easy to put on and off 8. Dressy 9. Well priced Negative 1. Uncushioned insole

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